VerneGlobal: Reinventing How the World Sees Data Center Security

Dominic Ward

“ We help organizations take a fresh approach, splitting their applications between locations to optimize performance, reduce costs, and limit their impact on the environment.”

Several common data center security challenges exist, from physical security to access-related issues, such as Denial of Service (DoS). In addition, there are data-related issues, such as stolen confidential information, altered data, or the pure loss of data.  The rising and unpredictable cost of power and the availability of power sources are the issues that the data center business faces most frequently. Verne Global set out to address these issues. In response to these issues and worries about data center carbon emissions, Verne Global built an affordable, environmentally friendly data center complex using entirely renewable energy sources. Verna Globe is reinventing how the world sees data centers. The company offers a single source of flexible, optimized services that are adapted to customer needs.   It enables the transition to sustainability for companies of all sizes with an unrivaled portfolio of vital digital infrastructure assets through its several locations around Northern Europe. Colocation services are scalable, secure, and sustainable in addition to being optimized for high-intensity and high-performance computing workloads. No matter how audacious your goals are, our data center operations will always match them. Colocation services can begin with a single rack and will scale as high-intensity computing demands increase.

Data halls will conveniently handle your high-intensity computing demands since they were created to cater to the needs of clients that want the highest possible specification in an enterprise-ready data center environment. Our specially developed PODs are the ideal choice for extremely high-speed computing requirements. This invention won’t ever break the bank since it uses renewable energy with predictable costs. Customers at Verne Global have the freedom to select the connection they want for their data centers all around the world. The Verne Global London facility offers 20+ varied entry points and over 25 carriers on-site to guarantee you have the flexibility and power to react. Verne Global is Iceland’s telecommunications exchange center, providing direct, high-capacity access to the US and Europe. We are revolutionizing how businesses, consumers, and service providers connect in Finland. Our customers may connect quickly and instantly to hundreds of international services thanks to the Megaport connection.

Because of the speed of invention, AI initiatives require room to expand quickly. We can grow to meet your needs, whether you require a rack, a high-density pod, or your very own data hall. The entire campus is prepared for AI workloads. Verne Global gives you access to one of the most reliable and cost-predictable grids in the world, has unmatched rack density, and has experience running the most powerful supercomputers in the world.

Verne Global helps CFD specialists sustainably power their efforts to increase industry efficiency. CFD is extremely power-intensive. Wirth Research needs a high-intensity computing environment that can accommodate billions of calculations per second to undertake its high-resolution analysis. Every fraction of a second, computations is frequently repeated. The team briefly considered keeping its equipment in a portacabin in a parking lot, but both that option and employing a cloud service were too expensive. Additionally, Wirth Research’s goal to support industry customers’ requests to reduce energy usage and boost efficiency meant that the company intended to put its words into action by figuring out how to make its energy-intensive activities more efficient. Additionally, Verne Global’s Dell Technologies Titanium Partner status allowed Wirth Research to build a turnkey high-intensity compute infrastructure while upgrading its hardware. The company now runs its supercomputing class applications on brand new Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, powered by AMD Epyc CPUs and Nvidia Tesla T4 GPUs.

Dominic Ward is responsible for all corporate and business development aspects at Verne Global. He is the CEO of Verne Global, and previously he was the CFO at Verne Global. “ Our experience suggests that less than ten percent of workloads need to be in metropolitan areas, the rest can be located anywhere in the world. Yet, historically, many organizations place all their applications in one spot, often in locations with severe space and power constraints or inappropriate cost profiles. We help organizations take a fresh approach, splitting their applications between locations to optimize performance, reduce costs, and limit their impact on the environment.” says Dominic Ward.  Verne Global is located in London, England, United Kingdom. The company has 4 investors including Stefnir and Wellcome Trust.

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