Techwave: Driving Modern Business Values

Raj Gummadapu


“Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, Techwave has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your company’s specific needs.”

Blue-chip enterprises who are always looking to use business-edge IT solutions have been paying attention to Techwave. Techwave is a multinational software solutions firm headquartered in Houston, Texas, founded in 2004. Techwave began as a provider of SAP solutions and services but quickly spread its footprint and wings around the globe and began delivering end-to-end software services. Techwave works with Fortune 500 firms and has a 100% project success rate onshore, offshore, and nearshore projects. They have big four consulting expertise, proper credentials, and international exposure on their side. With affordable costs, flexible engagements, and outcome-driven business models, Techwave focuses on procedures, established techniques, and future automation solutions.

Techwave’s digital strategy services may help a company transition by providing end-to-end services, including strategy, business process consulting, technology consulting, implementation, and post-transformation support. Techwave collaborates with the teams to identify process modifications, technology stack identification, and training requirements. Techwave is a global leader in engineering services such as field engineering, design and drafting, network operations, and data transformation. Techwave’s worldwide knowledge and experience in engineering design services enable and facilitate various delivery methods, resulting in better value for the business. Techwave’s specialist services can significantly accelerate and optimize results across a variety of projects. Their turnkey or segmented strategy emphasizes cost-effective services, high-quality outputs, and overall client satisfaction. 

Today’s corporate climate necessitates solutions that integrate data, processes, and analytics so that executives have the knowledge they need to make better decisions and react to changing conditions. Techwave’s integrated Enterprise Performance Management (iEPM) solutions and applications help businesses of all sizes bridge the gap between ordinary and remarkable performance. Techwave can confidently provide the meaningful and comprehensive performance reports needed to run the business using Techwave’s EPM solutions, which cover everything from planning, budgeting, forecasting, and financial consolidation to integrating information from all levels of an organization.

Techwave’s partnership with IBM to provide blockchain solutions has ushered in new chapters in the company’s history. Techwave has worked with Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and SAP to provide clients with end-to-end cloud solutions. Techwave signed a landmark collaboration with Dell Boomi this year. The company’s unwavering passion and devotion to provide the greatest service to clients have catapulted it into the spotlight, well ahead of its competition. Techwave focuses on quality, which explains how it has provided top-notch, cost-effective IT services.

Increasing complexity is the norm for many sectors whose products, materials, and processes get distributed throughout a worldwide network of facilities and partners. These various sectors’ organizations must guarantee that the goods are manufactured to the proper specifications, supplied on time, and, in many cases, fulfil stringent compliance rules, all while operating at maximum efficiency. To do so, a firm will require real-time product and status tracking to travel through the extended supply chain.  The SupplyVuTM collaboration solutions by Techwave link-local, regional, and global operations, enabling real-time visibility and optimization throughout the extended supply chain.

Techwave Consulting has announced the debut of the CloudXoom Program, a new SAP Migration Program for Amazon Web Services clients (AWS). By transferring SAP workloads to AWS, the CloudXoom Program provides an experienced variety of solutions and services to assist enterprises in accelerating digital transformation and optimizing return on SAP investments. Techwave Consulting’s CloudXoom Program combines AWS’s power and capabilities with greater automation from Techwave’s Autonetics Platform (TAP), enabling DevOps teams to quickly transfer and manage their teams’ SAP workloads on AWS. Raj Gummadapu, CEO, Techwave Consulting Inc, says, “We are excited to work with AWS. With our deep expertise of AWS and SAP, backed by our overall digital transformation and digital service offerings, customers can look forward to enhancing their offerings through our CloudXoom Program.”

Techwave’s long-term goal is to decrease risk while increasing production through efficiency gains. Plans to link engineering services with construction and internal IT and reduce the total cost of ownership are also in the works (TCO).

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