Procore: Reshaping the Construction Management Software

Craig "Tooey" Courtemanche

Founder & CEO

"I want Procore to be the single source of truth for everything in construction worldwide."

Cloud-based construction software is changing the way the traditional construction industry functions. Time, money, and quality are critical for the success of any construction project. Companies choose cloud technology to efficiently manage their projects while reducing costs and improving communication between teams. For construction professionals, mobility is one of the most significant benefits of cloud-based software and storage. Managing any aspect of your business anywhere you have an internet connection and a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop is vital these days. Procore helps firms drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communications and documentation. This real-time data and accessibility minimize costly risks and delays—ultimately boosting profits. Procore Technologies, Inc. offers clients all around the world cloud-based construction software. Thousands of registered Procore customers manage all kinds of construction projects, including industrial plants, office buildings, residential complexes, educational facilities, retail centers, and more, using its award-winning suite of project management tools. Procore Technologies is an American construction management software as a service company founded in 2002, with headquarters in Carpinteria, California. The goal is to help construction professionals increase their project success by simplifying project management with powerful collaborative software.

Procore runs projects with complete visibility by housing every app, document, and person in Procore’s cloud-based platform. Reduces miscommunications and manual entry errors and proactively course-correct to stay on schedule and budget. Maintain historical records for dispute resolution. With streamlined communication, collaborate across teams and projects. Eliminate delays and increase efficiency and productivity by connecting owners, main contractors, and specialty contractors in one system. Data and documents are exchanged across companies. Ensure collaborators have access to real-time project details and they will avoid duplicate entry errors and rework. Procore runs with flexible tools and grows with a platform that adapts to the client’s needs. Scale efficiently with technology that offers the flexibility needed to create new processes as you grow and improve.

One of the challenges faced by Aligned is fixed by Procore. Aligned is a leading data center provider offering innovative, sustainable, and adaptive colocation and build-to-scale solutions for hyper-scale and cloud companies, as well as enterprise and managed service providers. By reducing the energy, water, and space needed to operate, Aligned’s data center solutions, combined with its patented Delta3 cooling technology, offer businesses a competitive advantage by improving sustainability, reliability, and their bottom line. The challenge was that the data center construction vertical is defined by aggressive speed-to-market and a related aversion to risk. With rapid, accurate delivery top of mind, Aligned sought to further streamline its building efficiency across multiple GCs and the entire data center portfolio. The solution given by Procore is Aligned and specifies the GC’s use of Procore in the building’s RFP. Stipulating Procore requires no direct Procore purchase by Aligned, yet provides them with cross-portfolio standardization and a predictable, transparent project ecosystem from build to build. And the results were aligned to ensure quality, consistency, and unprecedented speed-to-market across all of its data center expansion and construction projects. Aligned saves money and ensures consistency across all GCs, leveraging one platform throughout the project lifecycle.

Procore’s tracking feature ensures that time-sensitive documents are turned around faster.

Craig “Tooey” Courtemanche is the founder and CEO of Procore. More than a decade ago, Tooey leveraged the power of the Internet to improve construction project management. After beginning his professional life as a builder, Tooey transitioned into the technology industry in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he owned a successful web application firm. Having this dual experience in construction and technology, he began the development of the cloud-based software that is now Procore. Today, thousands of construction professionals worldwide manage their projects with Procore. “I want Procore to be the single source of truth for everything in construction worldwide,” Courtemanche says.

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