Top 20 Medical Solution Providers 2021

As Healthcare Steps into the Digital Age…

It is a fact that patients always prefer to have their doctor and hospital be a part of their health plan, followed by other preferences like the perfect location, online visitation fees, reputation, and engagement. Access to technologies allows for efficient health monitoring and sharing the information to facilitate personalized care, especially for people with chronic health conditions.

We hope this edition adds value to your healthcare initiatives.

There has been a call to provide patient engagement tools with quality standards for the best outcome in recent years. Though both providers and patients have their concerns, the priority is always given to medical solutions and especially patient engagement. Moreover, the pandemic has also fueled the growth of patient engagement solutions by enabling patients to avoid frequent hospital visits.

Advanced remote monitoring devices and wearables are becoming part of the new healthcare trend. Remote monitoring devices in health care relay data back to the electronic health record (EHR) and care team by providing a point of communication through digital patient engagement tools. Such devices also help build stronger provider-patient communication and relationships for chronic disease management. As remote monitoring devices are integrated into EHR workflows, providers will be able to deliver better care and shift the burden of chronic care management to the physician.

The use of AI and machine learning can be integrated within EHR systems to automate routine works and alert providers to potential health problems. Furthermore, AI can be integrated into an EHR workflow for prevention, early detection, and early intervention.

In many ways, patient engagement has become the core concept when it comes to the healthcare space. Advanced technologies are widely adopted for making patient engagement smoother and more streamlined. To help healthcare facilities adapt and align with the changing industry and keep a note of the trendsetters, Icon Outlook Magazine has prepared a list of some of the most innovative Medical Solution Providers 2021. The companies included in the list are the ones with some of the most outstanding solutions that could redefine the way the industry works today.

Adaptive Clinical

Management: Sina Adibi

Designation: CEO

Headquarters: Sarasota, FL


Adaptive Clinical Systems, a global life sciences technology company offers a simple, secure, validated, compliant (CFR 21-Part 11 and GxP) and cost-effective solution for clinical data integration.


Management: John Vitalie

Designation: CEO

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


Aizon is an AI software provider that transforms manufacturing operations with the use of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and other smart factory technologies focused on optimizing production within highly regulated industries.

Alanda Software

Management: Dean Rossi

Designation: Owner

Headquarters: New Brunswick, NJ


Alanda is a leading provider of advanced software solutions and services to the Life Sciences industry. We provide a suite of products and services that address the complex challenges posed by clinical and commercial spend compliance and business analytics.


Management: John Beaver

Designation: President & CEO

Headquarters: Foothill ranch, CA


BIOLASE, Inc. is a medical device company and global market leader in the manufacturing and marketing of proprietary dental laser systems that enable dentists and dental specialists to perform a broad range of minimally invasive dental procedures, including cosmetic, restorative, and surgical applications.


Management: Dr. Waqaas Al-Siddiq

Designation: CEO

Headquarters: Redwood City, CA


Biotricity creates leading-edge professional and personal remote medical monitoring technology engineered to improve people's lives.

Data Cubed

Management: Brett Kleger

Designation: CEO

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY


Datacubed Health is a pioneering technology company making better science and healthier communities a reality. They apply individualized solutions for the capture of data, including smartphone apps, wearable, in-home, and environmental sensors, for remote engagement with patients and for virtual clinical studies.

Dental Intelligence

Management: Weston Lunsford

Designation: Founder & CEO

Headquarters: American Fork, UT


The leading provider of business intelligence for the dental industry. Dental Intel's innovative Business Intelligence (BI) software monitors the business and economic health of dental practices through data obtained from the practice's management and financial systems.

Epion Health

Management: Alicia Dieujuste

Designation: Managing Director

Headquarters: Mesa, AZ


DentiMax sensors represent the latest in CMOS digital radiography, producing incredibly crystal-clear, film-like x-ray images. DentiMax offers easy-to-use, full-featured dental office software that completely integrates dental practice management, digital imaging and electronic health records.


Management: Joe Blewitt

Designation: CEO

Headquarters: Hoboken, NJ


Epion Health provides a Software as a Service patient engagement platform at the point of care, beginning with the patient check-in process. They provide a variety of mobile health applications and content using a cloud based application and content management solution.


Management: Dr. Haim Amir

Designation: CEO

Headquarters: Herzliya, Israel


Essence is a global provider of IoT connected-living and cybersecurity solutions for communication, security, and healthcare service providers, serving households and small-medium businesses. Leveraging 25 years of experience and innovation with a global presence and 50 million devices deployed worldwide, Essence is committed to developing and supporting solutions that enhance partners’ businesses and enable people to live fuller, better lives.

Insightin Health

Management: Enam Noor

Designation: CEO

Headquarters: Baltimore, MD


Insightin Health is the industry’s only single platform which provides a complete personalized member engagement for each steps of the health care journey. The core platform combines medical, clinical, cognitive, and social determinants of health to recommend the Next Best Action (NBA) for each person.

Jumo Health

Management: Kevin Aniskovich

Designation: CEO

Headquarters: New York, NY


Jumo Health develops age appropriate resources to help health professionals improve patient education, recruitment and retention. The company also provide award-winning educational content and tools to help children and families understand, manage, and own their health.


Management: Simon Bolz

Designation: CEO

Headquarters: New York, NY


Klara was founded in 2013 with a mission to transform healthcare communication, so every patient can receive great care. Klara makes it easy for healthcare providers to securely communicate with their patients and with each other, without worrying about HIPAA compliance or losing track of patient information. Healthcare providers across more than 40 specialties use Klara to provide a delightful patient experience, while streamlining their own administrative workflows and saving hours per day.


Management: Omri Shor

Designation: CEO

Headquarters: Boston, MA


Medisafe® is the leading Personalized Medication Management Platform helping patients stay on top of all their medications. Way more than a pill organizer (although it’s that, too), Medisafe makes it easy to adhere to the most complicated medication schedule, so wondering, “Did I take this already?” is a thing of the past.


Management: Bradford T. McLane

Designation: CEO

Headquarters: Birmingham, AL


NaphCare, Inc. is uniquely qualified as a correctional healthcare partner, having provided a wide range of services since 1989. Their correctional healthcare model is centered on providing proactive care, which has been proven to improve inmate healthcare and reduce costs. We take great pride in our proactive approach and in servicing a population in great need.

NRX Pharma

Management: Jonathan C. Javitt

Designation: CEO



NRx is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company that is developing ZYESAMI (aviptadil acetate) for COVID-19 and NRX-101, the first oral therapeutic for the treatment of Acute Suicidal Behavior/Ideation (ASIB) in Bipolar Disorder.

Origin Wireless

Management: Jeng-Feng Lee

Designation: COO

Headquarters: Greenbelt, MD


Origin Health empowers caregivers by providing them real-time data on their loved one’s whereabouts and any abnormal behaviors. Their WiFi Sensing engines can detect activities of daily living (ADL), sleep monitoring, fall detection, and send alerts to caregivers and professional monitoring services of concerns.

PharmD On Demand

Management: Andy Barrs

Designation: President

Headquarters: Watkinsville, GA


PharmD on Demand is a national pharmacy management and remote order entry company. Their core strengths are improving patient care, safety, and satisfaction rates and increasing operational efficiencies. They leverage the latest technology, innovative management processes, and the advantages of a virtual business model to bring high-quality management and patient care to healthcare entities nationally.


Management: Jessica Daley

Designation: Chief Pharmacy Officer

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC


As an industry leader, Premier has created one of the most comprehensive databases of actionable data, clinical best practices and efficiency improvement strategies. Its award-winning and revolutionary technologies enable the company’s members to collaborate more easily and efficiently.


Management: Michael Millar

Designation: CEO

Headquarters: Toronto, Ca


Verto has developed a Digital Twin Platform for healthcare that uses smart integrations to stitch data from multiple health data sources together to create a truly interoperable technology to bring every patient to their best possible health outcome.

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