Gravy Analytics: Enterprise Grade Location Analytics

Jeff White
Founder & CEO

“We start by enriching each location signal with Location Data Forensics – separating high-quality signals from low-quality, suspicious, and even fraudulent signals.”

When customers receive location data from their provider, they immediately assume that the data only contains accurate location signals. This is not always a correct assumption. Location data often contains problematic signals. Mobile ad fraud, simple errors, and the methods used to collect location data all impact data quality. Gravy is transparent as businesses flag all location signals with information about their origin. This allows customers to be able to immediately identify which location signals should be used in their analysis.

The company’s global human mobility data powers leading-edge solutions for a wide range of industries—from advertising to market research, financial services to supply chain risk management—that rely on knowing how people, products, and materials move throughout the world. “Whether you need data for market research, competitive intelligence, or operational insight, leading companies rely on Gravy Analytics for location intelligence that enables better decision-making across the enterprise.We start by enriching each location signal with Location Data Forensics – separating high-quality signals from low-quality, suspicious, and even fraudulent signals. The end result? A comprehensive suite of high-quality location data products – and resulting insights – that you can trust.”

Innovation and Beyond

A privacy-enhancing technology (PET) for any organization that works with location data and wants to ensure that data generated by consumer mobile devices while visiting sensitive locations is never used, shared, or resold.With PrivacyCheck, organizations can confidently work with location data and analytics — whether it’s their own precise location data or licensed from a data provider — knowing that the underlying data complies with consumer privacy best practices.PrivacyCheck lets every organization benefit from the same technology that Gravy has used since 2019 to ensure that its products remain privacy-friendly. Now, PrivacyCheck provides every organization with an effective and efficient way to implement privacy-enhancing technology in a dynamic regulatory environment.

As a managed, subscription service, PrivacyCheck ensures that subscribers always check their data against the most up-to-date and comprehensive list of sensitive locations available. Customers of PrivacyCheck benefit from more than 123 sensitive place categories, including health centers, places of worship, military bases, schools, and more.

The company’s competitive intelligence data provides companies with insight into how they are performing against their competition (known as benchmarking) and where their competitor’s customers go in the real world.By analyzing foot traffic to competitor locations, companies can compare store visits with those of their competitors. With competitive marketing intelligence, businesses can also explore where their competitors’ customers go before and after visiting the store. Marketing teams can then launch conquesting campaigns to win over competitors’ customers. Competitive intelligence can offer additional benefits to your business, regardless of product type, lifecycle stage, or target audience. This concept provides the ability to seamlessly make changes to products if needed, as consumer opinion and pain points can be identified. The results of thorough competitive intelligence analysis can inform decision-making and increase the likelihood of customer retention. 

Marketing with a Difference

Gravy Audiences are the first and only location-based advertising audiences built on the local places and events that consumers attend – offline – in the real world. “We use pseudonymous mobile location signals, and our AdmitOne processing engine to understand where people go in the real world. We then interpret consumer interests, affinities, and in-market buying behavior to create precision advertising audiences for use in digital advertising campaigns.”

With location-based audiences, businesses can reach customers who previously visited a store or place of interest with  next advertising campaign. Since Gravy Audiences are built on data that reveals where people go in the real world, it’s easy to connect with consumers who want to hear about a business, advertisement, or offer. The application also enables to search the audience catalog by industry keyword to find advertising audiences that reach consumers who have visited any place in that industry or category. Similarly, search by a competitor’s brand name to find advertising audiences in the catalog that include just their customers.

Gravy’s audience finder lists hundreds of ready-to-use audiences available for use in advertising campaigns. In addition, the team recommend testing several advertising audiences to see which perform best. After all, campaign optimization helps drive more clicks, sales, and higher ROI. Gravy Audiences are available through many leading DMPs and DSPs. Simply choose the Gravy Audience to use for ad targeting when setting up advertising campaign. “Notwithstanding, if y work with a different DMP/DSP or don’t have a relationship with one, just let us know. We can send your custom audience to your provider of choice. Or, we can also set up a campaign on your behalf. Let us know how we can help.”

Gravy builds custom advertising audiences for many of its customers. The ready-to-use audiences included in audience catalog are available to all customers, but custom audiences are built for exclusive use. Custom advertising audiences are assembled and use a combination of consumer attributes, and place or event visits. In addition, audiences can include lookalike consumers or competitors’ customers. In this way, businesses can reach people who may be very interested in products or services but who did not shop with a company in the past.

Enriching CRM data with enterprise location intelligence allows companies to improve audience segmentation, adding a completely new dimension to measure customer affinities, interests, and behaviors. Customer intelligence from location-based insights can also be used to create detailed customer personas. The additional information provided by data enrichment services can be applied to analyzing customer behavior by city, state, or region. By analyzing business data enriched with enterprise location intelligence, companies can measure current market trends in specific areas, and apply predictive analytics to plan for the future. A data analysis is only as good as the data it is built on. If an organization relies on only one dataset, then they may not have all the insights that they need to make the best business decisions. However, when a company uses third-party data along with its first-party data, this enriched data will enable them to elevate their business strategies.

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