Foregenix: Cybersecurity and Compliancewith Ease

Andrew Henwood, CEO

“Foregenix is the partner to help, direct, and support in defending the business owing to their team of cybersecurity experts who are among the best in the market, innovations from their forensic lab, experience, and values.”

A firm needs a partner who comprehends its mission and its issues and has a wealth of expertise in offering practical help and direction to safeguard the company when it depends on security, compliance, and a solid reputation for caring for consumers. Foregenix is the partner to help, direct, and support in defending the business owing to their team of cybersecurity experts who are among the best in the market, innovations from their forensic lab, experience, and values. ForeGenix is a specialized cybersecurity company that serves the payment card sector. They carry out forensic investigations on companies that have had hacks and lost payment card data, and they assist businesses all over the world in recovering from breaches. ForeGenix deals with thousands of firms worldwide and is one of the busiest forensic teams in the world. Long before the rest of the industry, they become aware of the most recent risks and instantly provide the clients with this detection and protection. Foregenix RiskBeacon draws on the expertise gained from managing more than a thousand incident responses and security assessments over the years, which has shown them that the most frequent entry points into an organization are typical via vectors as simple as user error or clicking on a phishing email. Once they have access, the attackers travel laterally, seize more important credentials, and start looking for lucrative information.

A firm may reduce the cybersecurity risk in the company with the aid of Foregenix’s virtual CISO. This is an unbiased professional who is aware of the difficulties in handling information across sectors. In addition to having full access to Foregenix’s internal staff of penetration testers, PCI professionals, PIN assessors, cryptography experts, their forensics incident response team, and IT governance consultants, it provides straightforward guidance suited for both technical and non-technical individuals. Penetration tests evaluate the effectiveness of real-world information security measures in a controlled environment. Foregenix’s security testing team provides a knowledgeable penetration testing service. The highly qualified and trained security specialists of Foregenix perform penetration testing services. In order to identify potential flaws, the team simulates assaults and direct penetration attempts at the network or application level. Since the beginning of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the Foregenix team has been closely involved. One of their directors made a significant contribution to the Visa Account Information Security (AIS) program, one of the security programs used to create the PCI DSS’s initial version. Foregeniz is familiar with the PCI DSS and is aware of the difficulties most firms face in obtaining and maintaining compliance. Their strategy is centered on protecting a company’s assets, which includes the credit card information of the clients.

ForeGenix has a wealth of experience in the retail industry. As a result of growing cyber assaults on its point-of-sale systems, a major specialty footwear shop made the proactive decision to protect customer data in accordance with its PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance status. The correct solutions must be implemented by all businesses, large and small, to protect client data from increasingly complex cyber threats. Business executives who want to spend their time on customer service rather than worrying about cybersecurity can get help from ForeGenix.

Over 7 million websites are monitored by FGX-Web, which also stops millions of Internet assaults each month. It is targeted at non-technical eCommerce business workers and generalist IT professionals. FGX-Web is also accessible on a free plan. The most expensive option is the expandable FGX-Web Protect package from ForeGenix, which also comes with automatic warnings, internal and external monitoring, and a web application firewall. Foregenix CEO Andrew Henwood adds: “FGX-Web meets a real need from businesses that don’t have dedicated cyber security personnel but want the best available protection from cyber criminals within their budgets. “It’s easy to set up, and business directors can change the level of the solution as they want.” Foregenix has created a very successful and efficient process to assist our clients in managing their risk and achieving PCI DSS compliance thanks to our expertise in the PCI space. With the use of its Managed Detection and Response services (MDR), which are supported by its Serengeti offering, businesses can easily recognize and stop even some of the most complex assaults, including unknown threats. Once the solution is in place, the Foregenix Threat Intelligence Group will have access to important security telemetry across an organization’s IT infrastructure. This will allow it to quickly spot multi-stage attacks that traditional cybersecurity solutions wouldn’t be able to find.

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