Cornerstone: An Adaptive HCM Solution for the Modern Workforce

Himanshu Palsule


"Never before has our purpose been more critical to the world around us. Together with the team and my colleagues, I will help Cornerstone to continue to advance human capital management (“HCM”) technology. "

The world has evolved, as have people’s expectations and working methods. As a result, Cornerstone is pouring all of its knowledge, expertise, and creative DNA into one goal: assisting talented leaders in creating a work environment that fosters the development, productivity, and success of everybody. With an AI-powered, skills-forward talent system that works for everyone, Cornerstone helps to modernize the learning and development experience. With Cornerstone, one can offer the most relevant information from any location, expedite career and talent mobility, and promote skills as the organization’s global language of development and success.

The future-ready workforce is fueled by Cornerstone. Their solutions encourage a work environment of development, agility, and success for all through adaptive HR software built to link people, teams, technology, and business. For the modern workforce, Cornerstone created an AI-powered, skills-forward solution. Cornerstone users improve their learning and development experience by delivering the most relevant information from any location, accelerating talent and career mobility, and establishing skills as the universal language of growth and success. Cornerstone is available in 180 countries and 50 languages, with over 6,000 clients and 75 million users.

Cornerstone has been building solutions to help individuals learn and improve at work since the firm was founded over 20 years ago. With simply a job title and CV, the Cornerstone Skills Graph can create a detailed talent profile for each of the employees. Anyone may construct their own self-directed learning experience with Cornerstone, picking and choosing the abilities that will help them advance in their careers and even muting talents that aren’t right for them. Employee talent profiles by Cornerstone may help managers start meaningful conversations about growth, where people want to go, and how to get there. The employees will benefit from feedback and evaluations since they will be able to see where they are presently and where they should focus their skill development. Using purpose-built AI, the employees can view their unique talent profile and connect with growth prospects. Cornerstone facilitates and curates learning to help people achieve more successful self-directed progress. Gain insight into the business’s core and specialized abilities to more efficiently invest time and money in skill development and enhance the employees and organization.

The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation team recently realized that charities serving their communities all across the world required training. The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation used the Cornerstone Extended Enterprise learning platform to launch programs like DisasterReady, the world’s largest free and open online learning portal and library for humanitarian aid and international development professionals, after recognizing Cornerstone had the right technology and relevant eLearning resources. For more than two decades, Cornerstone has been at the vanguard of talent and people innovation, helping customers remain ahead of the curve.

With an uncompromising emphasis on the clients’ success, their team of professionals has a strong understanding of the particular talent issues and possibilities. Cornerstone collaborates closely with a client to create remarkable experiences and achieve the outcomes that matter to the company. Through Cornerstone, one can teach the managers how to unify their team behind a shared goal while fostering a positive, results-oriented culture with the Cornerstone Leadership & Management content subscription. Also, develop competent managers throughout the company with leadership and management training that focuses on inspiring and engaging people in the modern workplace.”I am confident in Cornerstone’s future and look forward to further accelerating the value we bring to all of our stakeholders,” CEO Himanshu Palsule says. Their mission at Cornerstone has always been to provide every individual with the chance to achieve exceptional things.

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