CIQ: Improving Software Infrastructure for Everyone

Gregory Kurtzer
CEO and Founder

“CIQ offers a platform for software infrastructure that works across the whole technological stack to provide dependable, scalable, and secure solutions for clients and communities.”

Technology is advancing daily and necessitates innovative solutions. By offering cutting-edge and reliable software infrastructure solutions for all computing demands, CIQ enables individuals to accomplish remarkable things. CIQ works with every component of the technological stack, from the basic operating system to containers, orchestration, provisioning, computing, and cloud applications, to develop solutions for clients and communities with reliable, scalable, secure production environments. CIQ came up with the next-generation federated computing stack and was one of Rocky Linux’s first service and support partners.

With backing from OpenHPC, contributions from all around the world, and use across all industries, Warewulf is one of the most successful HPC cluster systems on the market. It has been open source for more than two decades and invented the idea of stateless node management. With the ability to deploy containers directly to bare metal hardware at a huge scale while maintaining massive flexibility, Warewulf unites the ecosystem today. As it provides an easy-to-implement solution for cluster administration and scaling, Warewulf, which was created in 2001, has been the leading open-source HPC cluster management solution. It has been a pillar of HPC cluster systems all over the world since its creation, and CIQ is the official support and service provider for the community.

Rocky Linux clients will now have access to direct, unified, best-in-class support from CIQ and Google Cloud. Gregory M. Kurtzer, a co-founder of CentOS and the creator of Rocky Linux, is a community-maintained and open-source enterprise Linux distribution. Since the project’s inception, there have been more than 25,000 uploads and downloads every month. Numerous big corporations have collaborated with and joined the community of Rocky, which is expanding quickly. When Rocky Linux was originally introduced as a CentOS alternative, Google was the first cloud service to sell its images. Additionally, Google Cloud was one of the original hyperscalers to promote the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF) to aid the open-source community that supports Rocky Linux. Rocky Linux’s initial support and services partner is CIQ, the Gregory Kurtzer-founded business that focuses on software infrastructure. “We asked ourselves, how do we bring the best value to everyone?” Gregory Kurtzer, CIQ CEO and Rocky Linux Founder recall. “Through this partnership, anytime you use our Rocky Linux on Google Cloud, CIQ, in conjunction with Google, has your back! “From the cloud platform itself, all the way through the enterprise operating system, every aspect of using Google Cloud is supported by a single call to Google, and together, we are your escalation team.”

For conventional HPC, CIQ offers a complete, easy-to-deploy computing stack that includes bare metal provisioning, operating system support, middleware, and containers. HPC resources can be federated, on-premise, multi-premise, cloud, and multi-cloud. The elasticity of cloud-based resources is determined by workloads, resource rules, and data. Their Fuzzball platform natively supports Kubernetes, bespoke cloud resources, and all major clouds. A design tenet is to unify the end-user and administrative experiences wherever the platform is used. A program with both a command line and a graphical user interface (GUI) for submitting, monitoring, and managing HPC tasks and workflows. The program’s user interface (UI) is driven by APIs.

Warewulf was founded in 2001 and has been the dominant open source HPC cluster management solution because it solves the problems of cluster management and scale in a simple to implement manner. Since its inception, it has been a cornerstone of HPC cluster systems worldwide, and CIQ is the official support and services provider for the community.

CIQ thus offers a platform for software infrastructure that works across the whole technological stack to provide dependable, scalable, and secure solutions for clients and communities. A comprehensive stack, including bare metal provisioning and imaging, operating systems, containers, orchestration, and federated computing, is produced by the firm by cross-pollinating enterprise, cloud, and hyperscale. Gregory M. Kurtzer, one of the original creators of CentOS, established Rocky Linux, the top community-maintained and openly accessible enterprise Linux distribution. CIQ is also the founding sponsor and service partner behind Rocky Linux. CIQ, with its recent partnership with Google Cloud, works together to offer support for Rocky Linux as a direct, first-party Google-supported offering, and all the industries have already adopted the operating system, including telecommunications, media and entertainment, oil and gas, financials, large retail, and HPC, for better growth.

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