ArisGlobal: Transforming Lifesciences

Sankesh Abbhi


“Adoption of automation is increasing as companies realize the opportunities that exist. The industry is starting to see the value of advanced technologies like cognitive automation, machine learning, and data fabric.”

The pharmaceutical industry is facing swift changes occurring as a result of biotechnology’s development, the rising importance of IT or Big data, and new tailor-made gene therapies. ArisGlobal is a leading provider of software that automates core product development functions for over 300 global life sciences companies. They are transforming the Life Science industry and how companies bring out novel products to market. ArisGlobal’s headquarters is in the United States, and it has regional offices in Europe, India, Japan, and China.

LifeSphere, ArisGlobal’s end-to-end drug development technology platform, boosts efficiency, ensures compliance, delivers actionable insights, and lowers the total cost of ownership through multi-tenant SaaS architecture. LifeSphere helps hundreds of life sciences companies across the globe to quicken development, preserve compliance and simplify collaboration among cross-functional groups. LifeSphere equips the life sciences industry to bring safer products to market more quickly. Designed with profound expertise and a long-term perspective that spans more than 30 years, LifeSphere integrates its cognitive computing mechanism to automate all drug development lifecycle’s core functions.

The LifeSpehere platform has four major segments – clinical, regulatory, safety, and medical affairs. Clinical is a cloud-based platform for clinical operations and data management that accelerates studies, ensures transparency, and simplifies collaboration across organizations. The regulatory platform delivers 360-degree regulatory information management in a state-of-the-art, fully unified cloud platform that hastens speed to market, enhances data quality, and streamlines collaboration across teams. LifeSphere Safety is an end-to-end platform that helps hundreds of global pharmacovigilance teams save time and effort, ensure future-proof compliance and unlock deep insights from safety data. And Medical Affairs is a cloud platform that helps life sciences organizations deliver timely information, stay compliant, and streamline collaboration between global stakeholders.

ArisGlobal recently released its 2021 State of the Industry Report. The report reveals how life sciences businesses are currently using automation and showcasing the potential of technology adoption within the industry. The report found that most survey respondents use some form of automation across their research and development processes, whether automating specific processes with rule-based automation or deploying futuristic technologies. A small selection of survey respondents, 4%, use advanced technology, such as machine learning (ML) or natural language processing (NLP) in their organizations.

“Adoption of automation is increasing as companies realize the opportunities that exist. The industry is starting to see the value of advanced technologies like cognitive automation, machine learning, and data fabric,” says Sankesh Abbhi, CEO of ArisGlobal. “Our report finds that automation is happening all across the life sciences R&D journey, with drug safety being the most mature and other functions primed to catch up. The future will be exciting to watch, and we will continue to enable companies to realize the benefits of automation through our LifeSphere platform,” he adds.

ArisGlobal offers many professional services, including system configuration, data migration, report development, system validation, systems integration, and organizational readiness. Their efficient services team possesses a wealth of expertise and experience and can assist with any implementation anywhere in the world. 

ArisGlobal is taking a truly global approach to corporate citizenship. This is reflected in the many charitable initiatives they lead and support worldwide, which are designed to strengthen and empower the local communities. The company avoids single-use plastics and waste through re-usable cups, cutlery, and plates. All offices recycle paper and plastics, are energy efficient, and the company subsidizes and incentivizes public transportation to reduce carbon emissions. Also, ArisGlobal promotes community building and healthy competition in its various programs. From team sports to internal competitions, they pride themselves on being active members of the local community and beyond.

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